Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Ramblin's...

What a week it has been! After I made my last post on Wednesday, I received a call that they'd admitted my dad to the hospital for an irregular heartbeat. He'd been to a regular dr appt that morning and when the dr listened to his heart, he picked up on it. He told him that he couldn't make him go but he needed to be in the hospital. If not, he could suffer a heart attack or even a stroke. So once at the hospital, they hooked him up, ran some Thursday afternoon, they were satisfied that the meds had got his heartbeat back in sync so they let him go home Thursday evening.

My sister went back to the doctor on Thursday as well. She is cancer treatments of any kind! Praise God for He is Good! Next step is recontructive surgery.

Now, our nephew Erik has been sent to a hospital in St Louis to get him back on the lung transplant list. He's been in the hospital for over a month now & just when they think he's well enough to go home they'll run a test and show he's not. So they sent him to St. Louis last night. Continued thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.
About a month ago, I mentioned a cousin being in an auto accident...I talked with her sil yesterday, she's been home for awhile now.....walking on crutches but doing well.


I hope you are having a nice weekend! I picked up a few movies for the weekend. I watched 'The Duchess' last night. It just infuriates me when they expect a wife to have a she has control over that?! ARGH!!! And the way they will take in a mistress and make no secret of it! Oh I don't think so!

It's cloudy and there are snow flurries today, so I'm going to stay in near the fireplace & watch a couple more movies....AFTER I do a few chores & do some sewing room work....then....

I have so many things I could be working on while watching movies I don't know which one to work on...

Maybe drag my scrapbooking things out there to work on? I've GOT to get these photos into books before I completely lose track of them all! I did at least get them sorted into envelopes and labeled so I know what they are and what book to put them in! I have everything from old black & whites to bike trips taken last fall to our 2008 Christmas pics! I've slowly been getting our bikes, blues & bbq trip pics cropped and ready to scrap...

Maybe I'll bring out that new Cameo punch needle I got before Christmas that I've not had or taken the time to try out!! Or I could even work on a stitchery I started a year ago...why did I leave the most tedious part til last? And I have two new Christmas counted cross stitch patterns...maybe if I start them now I'll get them finished for Christmas 2009?
And there's always the baskets of y2k charm squishies that need put together....umm...that will wait for another day! Really...what's the rush anyways? I've only had them since 1999 & 2000! There are enough squares in each basket to make a 2000 piece quilt and then some! One basket is 2-1/2" & the other basket is 3" squares.


Tomorrow is church...I played hookie last week so better get myself back there this week! It's our annual congregational meeting/luncheon then we'll be taking down the tree/greens as well.
I suppose I've spent enough time sittin' here at this thing this mornin'.....hope you all have a warm & wonderful day!


Lori said...

Hi Cindy!
I am so glad your Dad is going to be okay and also your sister and cousin..Praise God! So sorry to hear about your nephew though, I will add him to my prayers Cindy. I live in St. Louis!

Looks like our temperatures are going to drop tonight with possible snow..sounds like a night for a movie and crafting in front of the fire here too. What did you end up doing Saturday night? I love your stitchery you were working on and love that pattern of Lori's too! Did you try your new Cameo punch needle?

Have a great rest of your day reading your blog!

Blessings, Lori

Cinlyn said...

Aww...thanks for your kind words Lori!
Another Missouri gal, huh?!! Nice to meet ya! What part of St.L are you? I get down that way once in a great while.
Once I got some sewing room work done Saturday, I decided to scrapbook. I was up til midnight scrappin'!! And nope...still no punch needle!
I'll work one day this week but the rest of the time I plan on stayin' in by this fire and workin' here!

Lori said...

Hi Cindy! Up till midnight..I can relate. :) Once you get going on a project it is so hard to quit isn't it? Glad you got some scrappin' done! I am getting my hooked rug done..yeah!
I live in West St. Louis far away are you?