Friday, January 23, 2009

Look what I found...

Once again, while digging thru things trying to find one thing, I've come across something else that I had forgotten about. Not an unfinished project but some old newspaper clipping from back in the ranging from 1934-1936. These are from the Kansas City Star newspaper....I don't remember where I got them. When I had my shop, I had such a range of things I had several people bring things to me they didn't have a use for & thought I might. Well these were definitely keepers!

Oh but what to do with them. I've had these for years...just kept in a folder tucked away. I would like to put them together in a way to be able to take them out and look at them without the risk of further damage. Can you tell what patterns are there? Let's see...

Kansas Trouble..."originated in Civil War days..from the troubled days of early Kansas history, when a pioneer woman pieced this block & sent it to her New England home."

Old-Fashioned String Quilt..."may be made on the sewing machine if desired or by hand. It utilizes long scraps & may be made of silk, wool, or cotton. Contributed by quilt fan Irene Neff, Pomona, MO"

Jacob's Ladder pattern..."gift from Miss Evelyn Baster, a quilt fan"

Lover's Lane..."sent to the Star by Mrs. Ida M. Kuhlman, Concordia, MO"

This is the kind of stuff that used to help fill the pages of our newpapers. Now there are tons of magazines to choose from to buy basically the same patterns much of the an old pattern a new twist &/or a new name.

These are two Friendship Quilt patterns also in the well as a page from an old Farm Journal....remember that magazine? I remember my folks getting that magazine...but by then they'd moved on to a recipe page. I couldn't find a date anywhere on that one.

Speaking of Friendship stated on one of the clippings,"This type of name quilt is made wherever quilters gather. This quilt has a center space for names. Every pieced quilt should have a date embroidered on it" .

My mil gave me the above pictured quilt. It was made by the West Point Sewing Club, which included her mother & other family members. One quilter included the year '1942' with her signature.


It's been a great...productive week for me! I'm on my second day of staying home!! Wednesday, I had a "gurl day" with my sil, Sheila and 4 yr old niece we call "Miz B". We stopped for lunch at a nearby restraunt. There wasn't but a couple other people in there & a couple fella's walk in. One asks if they accept charge cards. yes, says the waitress so he says he's buyin' lunch! So, jokingly, Sheila & I were like "yea!!...he's buyin' lunch for everybody!" that brought on a little exchange of words...all in fun! We're sitting there eating our lunch when the waitress brings over a piece of chocolate cream pie for B. It's from the credit card guy at the next table! LOL...So we finish our lunch and go to pay but the waitress tells us our lunch was paid for by CC guy! WHAT?!! Get out!!! Sure enough...of course they were long gone so we couldn't thank him. What a guy!


I spent later that afternoon working away in my sewing room. I'd found a crow pattern I'd long been looking for! So I sewed up a couple of them & some cats! I spent the evening stuffing!

Yesterday, I finished ALL of them up!! YEA! That's what can happen when motivation and time strike at the same time!!

I need to go rummaging and find a few more things to tuck in their pockets! This was a pattern by TN Ridge Primitives.

I don't recall the designer of this crow, but her was a featured free pattern in an older Country Marketplace. While her recommened base was an old bobbin, I put these on a vine broom & tagged him with "hearthside gatherings".

They will all find their way to the mercantile but probably not til next week so until then I hope to stay in this creative mode & get lots more done! I get to stay in again today....since I let the fireplace go out night before last since it was to be SO warm yesterday, I'll be getting that started back up so I can stitch by the fire! I love that fireplace...pain that it is...all the work involved...I don't have to do the cuttin' and choppin' of wood but I do pack it in and keep the fire going. It's a much warmer heat than gas...not to mention cheaper!


I'm going to work on some stitchery today & baby sister is coming for dinner & a movie tonight!

Have a GREAT day!!

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Shari said...

You sound like you are having so much fun! And you must have the most amazing cupboards and closets! What a treasure to find the newspaper clippings. Store them in something acid free and lignon free? Love your primitive crow and cats 0 hope you had fun with your little sis!