Wednesday, January 14, 2009

UFO's...(& a give-away)

Fireplace is kickin', in my jammies & robe early and I've settled down with a cup of hot tea. As much as I like my coffee, I do enjoy a nice cup of hot tea on some evenings.
I spent today cleaning out a couple closets. Not that I could throw out much of it, mostly rearranging/organizing from it all just getting tossed in there or taken out haphazzardly. The photos below are of UnFinished Objects! And some of them I didn't even start ...but grateful to have them!
These are handpieced quilt pieces...given to me by my Mom...someone had passed them on to her so she passed them to me! Hmm...don't even remember how long I've had them! They will make into a nice quilt one of these days! Lots of color...and no machine used in these...handstitched! I'm not a quilter so I think I'll need some guidance on making them into blocks.
This one is a quilt that my mil started several years ago...."it came with the house" is what I say about items she passed along to me while going thru things for the move. Everything is there to finish it except the looks simple enough and not much more to go!
This one my Mom started....and actually, I think I was just supposed to see how it would fit on my bed then send it back for her to finish but for some reason I still have it? I love patchwork!
These next two are of applique'd quilt blocks...a set for fall, a set for winter. These are from a swap with a group I used to be in! my new Christmas counted x-stitch patterns, if I start work on them now do you think I'll have them ready to display by fall?

And remember the aprons I told you about awhile back? they are!

I won't even show you the cupboard I've not been thru yet that is sure to have a few nekked doll bodies in it! Or the unfinished dress I started for myself and the shirt cut out w/pattern pieces still pinned to it that I started for John. I don't know how many years it's been since I started either of them! Please tell me I'm not the only one who has this problem?!! And why do I/we let this happen?
Okay...I need some motivation to finish some of this stuff! Drop me a line...tell me about your ufo's and what you do for motivation to get them finished! I'll pop all the names who post a comment to this post in a hat and draw a name out for one of these aprons I'm GOING to get finished sometime over the next few days! Let's is the 14th...I'll draw one week from today...on the 21st!
I did find some other treasures tucked away in those closets but I'll share them with you another day!
I hope you are having a GREAT week & keeping warm! It's supposed to get to -1 tonight! I just might curl up next to that fireplace to sleep tonight!
Good Night...C.


Lori said...

Hey girl!

*WOWZERS* those quilt pieces have me drooling! Love LOVE star-shaped quilt blocks!

question: when will you get it finished? hint hint!!!!!!!!!!!

keep warm my Friendgirl !!!!!

Judy said...

Hi Cindy
i just recently dug out some of my ufos. I am having knee replacment surgery on Monday so I've gathered them all together to work on while I am healing! It gets quite boring just sitting around so it will be a good time to finish once and for all!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi Cindy
What a marvelous stash you have! I love vintage pieces and you have a treasure trove.

Kathy said...

wow what a stash! love the star blocks and hey those fall/wynter blocks look familar..mine are in the same shape as yours LOL!! good luck on finishing up your UFOS!!

Debra said...

Great quilt blocks! You are lucky to have them!
Boy I do have some UFO's! At least two quilts that need to be finished, a cross stitch sampler, a naked doll, and two tote bags.
I recently finished a couple of projects- what motivated me? I decided to finish them to sell- and I did! Money ralks! LOL

Shanda said...

I would love to be entered into your give away and win one of your home made aprons. Wouldn't it be neat if we could form a once a month group metting of girls to meet with a UFO and just sit and snack and chat. That would be fun. I have many myself and many boughten supplies of projects I haven't even started.

Lori said...

Cindy I love your quilt blocks and I especially love the patchwork one..I love them the most too!
I had too many UFO's and felt very overwhelmed by it..never feeling relaxed and happy when I was doing something because of the weight of so many other things to do..and also questioning whether I was doing my favorites first before the not so I am in the process now of giving away all my projects and patterns that I don't LOVE. I already feel the weight lifting..and I will know now that whatever I am doing is what I REALLY want to be making. :)

I would love to be entered in your I have to have a blog to do that? Blessings, Lori

Shanda.. I have dreamed of going to and being apart of one of those meetings for a long time. I hope my dream comes true!

Shari said...

Cleaning closets can be dangerous for sure. We find stuff that just plain scares us. And after dealing with the spiders we have a mound of UFO's. If only it were an alien invasion instead of projects we could deal with it like we do the spiders!

I sometimes get philosophical about a UFO. Why doesn't it want to get finished? What is stopping it getting finished? Why isn't it loved? The answers to these questions can help me overcome the problems with finishing it.

Another option is to simply give it to someone else to finish. Fresh eyes help. Our guild also does a UFO exchange with the finished quilts meant to go to charity.

Prioritizing and making lists might help. Scheduling time in your day to work on specific projects. I try to do that with housework... just spend 15 minutes on (whatever).

Hope this helps!

PS I still have a lot of UFO's and I'd probably find even more if I cleaned out a closet or two!