Monday, January 19, 2009

Meet Erik..Weekend Ramblin'... What's a girl to do?

I want to thank you all for your prayers and concern for our nephew, Erik, who is at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. You know, common sense tells you that it would be a big hospital, but I'm here to tell ya...that is one big hospital! They're sure takin' care of our boy! We went to St.L on Friday evening when Briar and his g'friend Calli got out of school, grabbed a room then went to see him on Saturday. He seemed to be having a good day. They'll be running another test on him Tuesday and if the numbers are good, he may get to come home this week!
Continued prayers....they will be moving to St.Louis as the time for a transplant gets closer.
This hospital has a hotel, Applebees, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, McD's & DQ either in the hospital or on it's campus. We walked all the way to the Starbucks only to find they're not open on a Saturday. WHAT?! Like we don't drink coffee on Saturday? So we walked to the Applebees for a late lunch! Can you tell I had not been to this hospital before? It's nice to know that there is a hotel right there so that when the time comes, we can book a room right there rather than possibly be across town.
We finally headed for home Saturday evening...stoppin' off of course at the Bass Pro and the Nike outlet store on the way!
I spent Sunday at home, cookin' & piddlin' a bit in my sewing room....the guys worked outside most of the day then we had friends over for supper.

What's a girl to do?
When she's so overwhelmed with unfinished projects and a cupboard full of supplies that she can't just pick up one thing to work on? She goes shopping for more!! LOL

I had to take John to his truck so I took a different route home than what I normally do when he leaves the truck at that particular shop. I knew I had to hit a Wal Mart sometime today so I opted for the smaller town than to make my way to one of the three in the larger town. But anyways....

I stopped at WM and got the must-haves then went by a quilt shop. This shop is way of what they sell and how they put it together! I cannot even guess how many bolts of fabric this place's almost overwhelming! If you don't want to over spend, you really need to go in there with a particular project in mind. I was going mostly because I hadn't been there for quite some time and I was really wanting to check out their punchneedle patterns...which, you will see in the photo that I found one plus a little quilt wall hanging pattern. I'm hoping that buying a new punch needle pattern will motivate me to try that new cameo needle!! I also grabbed a remnant bag of fabrics...didn't count how many are in there but there's alot! The little blobs there in the middle are balls of wool roving. Nope, I don't do needle felting, I thought this might inspire me to make a couple of dolls...this wool makes for some really neat doll hair!

While I enjoy looking at all the fabrics and patterns.....I'm always disappointed, so to speak, when I leave. You see, when you own &/or work in a place such as this, I think the way you communicate with the people who come in the door really matters. This particular store has an upstairs where the wool and punchin' patterns are, the gal working that dept was wonderful...making sure I was doing okay and we made idle chit chat....once back downstairs, not once was I ever asked if I was finding everything okay or if they could assist in anyway, not even a greeting...not when I came in...not while meandering...before deciding it was time to check out, the only thing one of the two said to me was, as I was checking out some fabrics in a basket on the counter..."those belong to other people"...or AH! DON'T TOUCH THAT!! Well excuse the *&^%% out of me! And you know, that might be the last I ever buy from that shop. This is not the first time I'd ever been there...I always buy something...I get the same treatment each time I go in there and I think I've had my fill...I'd rather give my business to a shop with a more friendly atmosphere.

Okay....enough on that! I was going to stop in to another little shop that sells a mix of everything...I usually find some little antique ditty's there...but they were closed! I passed up the scrapbooking store....I knew I'd only find more supplies there so I was a good girl and headed for home!

Hope you're havin' a great Monday!!


Shari said...

Hope Erik can come home soon.

A little retail therapy helps,and when we buy more than we need we are really saying we have hope in the future for the time to complete all the projects in our heads. So quilters are really optimistic creatures who keep the economy going!

I know what you mean about customer service. I have a lovely shop nearby but sometimes it's just a little cold in there. Quilt shops aren't necessarity owned by quilters and quilters don't necessarily work there. To some it's just a job... too bad. They are really missing out.


WoolenSails said...

I hope your son does well and can come home soon. It is so nice to have all that in the hospital, so you can be close by.

I know that overwhelmed feeling. I have a million projects going on at once and sometimes, I start another instead of thinking about how I will finish another;)