Saturday, January 24, 2009

He asked...she said yes!

This is our oldest, Ely & his g'friend Liz...I can now call her his fiance' & our future daughter-in-law! He got her a promise ring Christmas of 2007 after dating for just over a year. Well, he proposed last night & she said yes. They have yet to set a date & get a ring but they are engaged!
Wow... I got kinda lengthy there yesterday, huh?! How's your weekend been? After spending two days working at home...which felt wonderful by the way, I finally had to go to town today for errands that just couldn't chickens thank me since chicken feed was at the top of the list!
I rented movies again this weekend so will spend much time curled up next to the fire & stitchin'!
Oh and by the way...
Shanda...your apron is on the way!
Blondie...still waiting to hear from you! I need your mailing info to send you yours!! Just drop me an email
Have a warm & wonderful weekend!

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